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We are a not-for-profit charity. All administrative and overhead costs are covered so 100% of all donations are directly used to help individuals in need. Our focus began on the border region of Baja California and has expanded to places of extreme poverty around the world.

Their 15th Birthday

Their 15th Birthday Dreams do come true; just ask Kimberly Guadalupe Santos & Selena Guadalupe Inda both students at CANOA’s Carita de Dios in Tijuana, Mexico. Both girls were born with special needs and were without a place to receive appropriate education prior to CANOA’s Carita de Dios Center being opened. At this time both girls receive support, therapy and personalized education as well as enjoy typical school experiences. For example, after months of preparation and finding the perfect gown, their special day had arrived. The 15-year-olds were preparing for their quinceañera celebration at their school. A quinceañera is a coming-of-age ritual in Latin culture marking a young girl’s entrance into womanhood. When asked how she felt about this significant event, Kimberly said, "I am really excited!" The celebration took place on November 3, 2012 in a portable building that Serving Hands International donated to our partner organization, CANOA Carita de Dios (Face of God). With a face of pure satisfaction, Father James Hagen (pictured) from CONOA presided over the momentous festivity. A parent stated, “It is greatly rewarding to see those in the special need community partake in the richness of their culture.” Because of the support of our donors, the generosity of A-1 Self Storage and its valuable customers, Serving Hands International is able to provide unique support to partners in Mexico and positively impact the lives of children.

30 Years of Unforgettable Moments

On October 4, 2012, 43 Partners gathered in San Ysidro, California to celebrate Serving Hands International’s 30th Anniversary. Nearly 100 ministry leaders and program directors attended, among them 28 priests and 21 sisters. Serving Hands International proudly collaborates with these international partners “to aid the poorest people in the world and strive to encourage in them self-sufficiency, dignity, and hope by providing educational and vocational opportunities, food, clothing, shelter, medical assistance and spiritual guidance.” Founded in 1982, Serving Hands International was created due to the encouragement of the Caster’s family friends. The Casters, founders and owners of A-1 Self Storage had long since been serving the poor. They frequently crossed the border with their 8 children to deliver fresh groceries, clothes and hope to those in need. Often they took with them their neighbors, friends and associates. Almost immediately these trips grew into a caravan of people who wished to offer their hands for service. It is from this expressed desire that Serving Hands International received its name. Because of the Caster Family’s continued generosity, A-1 Self Storages’ loyal and valuable customers and generous donors Serving Hands International is still in operation today. The impact Serving Hands International has because of their partners is remarkable. Between January 1, 2012 and September 30, 2012 Serving Hands International in alliance with their partners have served more than 500,000 people in need! Collectively, 120,103 people have been served a fresh meal; 338,048 people have received food bags. 9,936 have been cared for through our medical partners and 299 students are educational scholarship recipients. Gathered together in celebration, 7 partners took the stage to verbally thank Serving Hands International founders, Terrence and Barbara Caster and the Board Members for their “servants hearts and hands”. They shared stories of meeting and first memories with the Caster Family. The speakers also recounted experiences of their ministry in very recent days, and how the support from Serving Hands International was able to meet the needs they were facing. The main message was clear; Serving Hands International has made a difference in their communities and programs. The Caster family, Serving Hands International Board, Staff and volunteers wish to thank you for partnering with us. It is our privilege to minister to the poor together.

30th Celebration

Shoes for a smile

August, 2012-Serving Hands International’s (SHI) annual shoe program provides footwear to children with families of low income. This year, 25 partners of SHI were preapproved to participate in the program. Claudia Garcia, from Friends of the Poor, an SHI partner and one of the shoe program participants, recently drove a group of children from low income families to the shoe store without telling them in advance where they were headed. As the kids arrived and received their new shoes, huge smiles covered their faces! “The kids will begin the school year with new shoes and feel self-confident,” stated Claudia. The joy and excitement of the children was possible thanks to the support of A-1 Self Storage and generous donors like you!School Children with new shoes!

I am Hungry

Imagine being hungry and not knowing where your next meal will come from. That is a reality for many people in this low income community of Tijuana, Mexico. Thanks to Serving Hands International's partner Proyecto Salesiano more than 1,000 meals are provided each morning to needy community members. For some this is the only meal they will have the entire day. Proyecto Salesiano recently celebrated their 12th year of service and they are committed to serving the community for many years to come. All this is done with the hope of restoring individual's and their families' self-sufficiency. The food donations provided are made possible by our sponsor A1 Self Storage. Thanks to A1 Self Storage and donors like you many people can start the day with a hot meal and a feeling of hope.

Waiting in line for a mealEnjoying their only meal for the day.

We are All Equal

"We are all equal” stated Adalid Murgia, founder of “Carita de Dios” (God’s Face), a non-profit organization founded five years ago in Tijuana, Mexico to serve children in the community with special needs ranging from mild to severe. Adalid Murgia founded the center which was started with only one child, her son Genaro. Today 60 children are lovingly cared for at the center. In February 2012 Serving Hands International “SHI” donated 4 portable buildings to Carita de Dios in order to accommodate this organization’s growing needs. Carita de Dios moved into their new home in June 2012. The new home has allowed them to better serve all of the children in their care. On July 10, 2012 Serving Hands International welcomed Carita de Dios into its partnership program. They became the 45th partner in the bi-weekly food distribution program. “These last few months have been amazing and now I will be able to feed the kids daily” stated Adalid Murgia. The food donations provided are made possible by our sponsor A-1 Self Storage. Thanks to A-1 Self Storage and donors like you we are all equal.

Carita Kids using the computer labInside of the donated portable to Carita de Dios