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We are a not-for-profit charity. All administrative and overhead costs are covered so 100% of all donations are directly used to help individuals in need. Our focus began on the border region of Baja California and has expanded to places of extreme poverty around the world.

The Big Surprise

The partnership of Serving Hands International and San Francisco Hospital, located in Tijuana, Baja California began in 2004. In April of 2012, San Francisco Hospital was approved for a Serving Hands grant to purchase 4 wheelchairs for individuals with disabilities. One of the recipients was Ramiro Ornelas. Mr.Ornelas has suffered from illness since childhood when he developed Polio. In order to achieve mobility, Mr.Ornelas had constructed his own wheelchair that was built from a discarded shopping cart. On May 23, 2012 Sister Leonarda, a hospital worker, gave Ramiro exciting news! He would soon be given a vital piece of equipment that would aid his everyday life. “When Mr. Ornelas saw his wheelchair, you noticed an overwhelming joy on his face,” said Sister Leonarda. He’d been thinking about this day for a long time, but never thought his dream of owning a real wheelchair would come true. San Francisco Hospital has already served 1,422 people in their community this year, thanks to the support of Servings Hands International and A-1 Self Storage.

Ramiro Orielas before wheelchair donationRamiro Orielas after wheelchair donation

Carmina Morfin - Our Friend, Partner and Mentor

It is with a sad heart that we say goodbye to Carmina Morfin, Program Manager for Friends of the Poor. Serving Hands International has partnered with Carmina and Friends of the Poor for over 25 years. Carmina loved to serve the “poorest of the poor”, and it showed. Her programs served over 10,000 people in Tijuana B.C. Mexico.

She was called home by our Father on May 15, 2012 at the tender age of 82. Her work will continue through Friends of the Poor and Ms. Claudia Garcia. Claudia and Carmina worked together for over 15 years. Carmina has left us with an example of service to the poor and will be dearly missed. Thank you Carmina for your service to the “poorest of the poor”, Our Board and Staff at Serving Hands International thank you for the honor to have served and partnered with you.Mother Teresa and Carmina sharing a Moment

500 Served in 5 Months

Serving Hands International is proud to support Instituto Madre Assunta. “IMA”, an organization located in Tijuana Baja California dedicated to serving migrant women and children. From January through May 2012 IMA assisted more than 500 women and children. These women and children are often displaced and relocating due to deportation from the United States. They are often in limbo with no place to go. IMA welcomes the women with open arms, providing them with emotional support, temporary shelter, clothing, medical and legal assistance. “One of our clients called the other day to thank us”, said Mary Galvan from IMA. “Our client said she could have not imagined that there would have been an organization to support her through her ordeal. She was disoriented and had nowhere to go. Our client thanked us for opening up our doors and embracing her with kindness and understanding. We are all called to serve and it is an honor for SHI to partner with IMA. Serving Hands has partnered with Instituto Madre Assunta since 1980!

Sister Maria sharing a meal with at risk women

A Rare Gift

Serving Hands International partners with Missionaries of Charity in the United States and in Mexico. On March 26, 2012 Missionaries of Charity, Boston Avenue were approved for a grant to acquire much needed religious items that would go to remote Missionaries of Charity outposts in Mexico, Cuba and India. The items that they were granted came from San Diego’s own, O’Connors (http://www.oconnorscatholicsupply.com/). Among them were crosses, statues, and other icons or images that have not been accessible in these remote locations. They will be utilized in chapels and parish structures for the benefit of the people Missionaries of Charity serve. The very day that Sister Fatima and Sister Maria, Sisters of the order of Missionaries of Charity, were told of the Serving Hands International grant approval they hurried to O’Connor’s and shopped to their hearts content. Serving Hand International’s Field officer Joaquin Hernandez and Mexico Operations Manager Ramiro Hernandez were witnesses to the Sisters delight and reported, “They [Sisters Fatima and Maria] were positively giddy; like children in a candy store. It blessed us to see how such a small grant could bring so much happiness”. On April 4, 2012 O Conner’s delivered the final item ordered for the Missionaries of Charity. Sister Fatima shared, “It is not much to you and I, but to the one who has not seen such beauty it is wonderful. I have so much joy thinking of those whom I can deliver these rare gifts to. I know, they will be blessed.” If you would like to learn more about Missionaries of Charity go to http://www.cmswr.org/.

Sister Fatima and Sister Maria with a cross for the MOC Remote communities in Mexico

Music Inside Out

One recipient of Serving Hands International's portable program, Orchestra of Baja California, proudly photographed their portable in action on March 29, 2012. Orchestra of Baja California is a non-profit that serves youth from low income families in Tijuana, Mexico. Their program educates students on the construction of instruments as well music lessons. "Before SHI's portabe building, we had little space for our instrument construction, and it was difficult," said Lupe a student of OBC to Serving Hands International's Field Officer, Joaquin Hernandez. "But now, we have space to make beautiful instruments to play!" We at Serving Hands International are pleased to see yet another donated portable being well used.