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We are a not-for-profit charity. All administrative and overhead costs are covered so 100% of all donations are directly used to help individuals in need. Our focus began on the border region of Baja California and has expanded to places of extreme poverty around the world.

Casa Hogar del Anciano Juan Pablo II, A.C.

Casa Hogar del Anciano Juan Pablo II
(John Paul II Home for the Elderly)

Mission: To take care of the elderly with love and compassion so that they can live the end of their years with dignity.

Number Served: 35 live-in senior citizens.

Director: Father Mario Heredia

Location: Colonia La Joya, Tijuana, BC, Mexico

SHI Partnership Began: 2008

Project Overview: Casa Hogar del Anciano Juan Pablo II is affiliated with the Catholic Church and is a rest home for senior citizens who have been abandoned by their families and are unable to care for themselves.  The rest home provides social services in the form of food, clothing, medical, spiritual, and social activities in a clean environment. Residents are fed three times a day and receive blankets, shoes, clothing and hygiene items provided at Christmas time by Serving Hands International. The facility currently provides services to 30 senior citizens, but it is anticipated that accommodations will be increased to help house up to 100 senior citizens.

Current Needs: To provide food, clothing, blankets, and medication necessary in order to cover the basic human necessities.

For information on how you can help this project please contact Sister Olga Carmona Diaz (664)636-1609
or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.