Donor Beds Provide Comfort to Patients in Tijuana

By August 6, 2013Blog

A hospital stay is challenging, due to the health issues being addressed. It is the intent of the medical staff to provide comfort during the difficult moments in a patient’s life. On July 8, 2013 Serving Hands International received 8 medical beds – provided by a generous donor. With such a unique gift, we at Serving Hands carefully chose one of our partners to be their recipient. It was decided that all 8 beds would be utilized and maintained well by our partner, Hospital San Francisco located in Tijuana, Mexico. When delivering the beds, Serving Hands Field Officer recalls Sister Elizabeth’s words, “The patients will see first-hand the high quality and comfort of these electronic beds!” Sister Elizabeth Ann Waldron Felix is the current hospital manager of Health Services at Hospital San Francisco. She continued to share, “The beds will go a long way in “adding to the comfort” of the patients at the hospital”. Doctor Victor Villalobos added, “This is yet another great opportunity for us to fulfill our mission of helping people who are poor and under-served in our city. We are grateful to Serving Hands International for partnering with Hospital San Francisco for the past 10 years.” The 8 medical bed donation will enhance our ability to provide excellent health services for the people of our community in Tijuana. Thanks to the generosity of a Serving Hands International Donor and A-1 Self Storage the hospital beds were provided to a wonderful organization and immediately utilized to bring comfort to patients in Tijuana.


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