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We are a not-for-profit charity. All administrative and overhead costs are covered so 100% of all donations are directly used to help individuals in need. Our focus began on the border region of Baja California and has expanded to places of extreme poverty around the world.

Parroquia San Judas Tadeo

Parroquia San Judas Tadeo

Mission: Pastoral Social team aims to help the people of the third age, people and families of scarce economic resources that live in this area of the periphery of the city of Tijuana.

Director : Father Aaron Vazquez     

Project overview:Let us honor our Protector, St. Jude, with a good confession and fervent Fellowship. Thus we will make more pleasing to God and get the Holy Apostle more easily the grace we ask.

Location: Tijuana, BC, Mexico

Current Needs:For information on how you can help this project please contact Parroquia San Judas Tadeo office at (664) 636-35-26