Parroquia Santo Toribio Romo

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Parroquia Santo Toribio Romo
(Saint Toribio Parish)

Mission: To provide religious education, catechism, marriage sacrament workshops, social services and food to the local community.

Number Served: 1,560 community members per year.

Director: Padre Juan Carlos Ackerman y Padre Francisco Curley

Location: Fraccionamiento Santa Fe, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico

SHI Partnership Began: 2000

Project Overview: Our church has helped many members of the community who have been adversely affected by the lack of social services and lack of work, by providing food, backpacks, blankest, shoes, and social and spiritual education. Our parish is in the process of constructing a building which will provide shelter, rooms for youth discussion groups, and shelter for children to receive catechism. We currently provide confession every day of the week, as well as provide an average of 500 children weekly with bible studies in preparation for the first communion and confirmation.

Current Needs:
 Basic pantry food, backpacks, shoes, and blankets.

For information on how you can help this project please contact: (664) 974-4327 or email santotoribioromo1@hotmail