Proyecto Salesiano Tijuana, A.C.

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Proyecto Salesiano Tijuana, A.C.
(Salesian Project, Tijuana)

Mission: To combine the process of education with the free and harmonious development of the human and Christian dimension of each individual with the end goal of becoming a good Christian, and an honest citizen, able to take responsibility and be trans-formative of society and church.

Number Served: 3,600 per week

Director: Father Raúl Curiel Ruvalcaba

Location: Colonia Castillo, Tijuana, BC, Mexico

SHI Partnership Began: 2009

Project Overview: Proyecto Salesiano Tijuana, A.C. recently celebrated 12-years of service and is committed to being a continued source of assistance to a primarily large transient community. With the help of SHI, and local community members, the facility is run by volunteers who prepare a warm quality breakfast to 900 people four times per week consisting of coffee, bread, juice, a main course, rice and beans.
In addition to the food, and because 65 percent of those served are first-time repatriated immigrants to the area, the project also strives create opportunities for growth within the community by providing access to jobs, doctors, counseling, and family services. All this is done with the hope of restoring individuals and their families with dignity, the means to return to work, a way to be self-sufficient, and/or a way home.

Current Needs:Rice, beans, fresh fruit and meat or poultry.

For information on how you can help this project please contact Sra. Patricia Torres (664) 687-3902 or email

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