Friends of the Poor

By May 20, 2014Partners

Friends of the Poor

Mission: To respond to the needs of the poor without regard to race, color, creed, gender, or nationality. To collect food, clothing, medicines, medical equipment, funds and other necessities of life for the poor.  To distribute those items and funds to existing agencies, groups, organizations or individuals providing direct service to the poor.

Number Served: 1,500 per year.

Director: Mrs. Colleen Garbaczewski

Location: Colonia Cestillo, Tijuana, BC, Mexico

SHI Partnership Began: 1996

Project Overview: Friends of the Poor is associated with the Catholic Church and provides bi-weekly food distribution, educational support, over the counter medication, referrals for medical procedures, and spiritual guidance.  Friends of the Poor also works closely with Sister Antonia who ministers to the men in the Tijuana prison.

For information on how you can help this project please contact Claudia (664) 109-71-40 & Colleen (619) 507-0929

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