Our work is made possible by:

We are a not-for-profit charity. All administrative and overhead costs are covered so 100% of all donations are directly used to help individuals in need. Our focus began on the border region of Baja California and has expanded to places of extreme poverty around the world.

“A Cut Above the Rest”

Invested Tijuana neighbors commit their time and talents to serve those who are down and out during the economic downturn. Proyecto Salesiano, a bi-weekly food distribution partner with Serving Hands International for 14 years, has been successfully operating a Monday through Saturday 8am to 10am breakfast and haircut service for adults who are currently unemployed and in need of assistance. Margarita Andonaegui Padilla, coordinator for Proyecto Salesiano since its conception in 1999 is daily encouraged by the kindness of their volunteers stating, “They commit, they come and they make a difference.” But according to one volunteer, who requested to remain nameless, “I feel I owe them for helping me when I needed it. The center helps when other places close their doors.” As Serving Hands Field Officer Joaquin Hernandez spoke with more hair-stylist and cook volunteers it became evident that the heart of each volunteer was to encourage the person they were serving. Some have been in such a place before and recall another helping them. “The men and women who come to us are provided a healthy breakfast and if needed a haircut.” Said Father Ernesto Hernandez. “We know that self-presentation is important when looking for a job and we want them to be as successful as possible.” Thanks to the generosity of Serving Hands International donors and A-1 Self Storage Proyecto Salesiano is able to provide services a cut above the rest in Tijuana, Mexico.

Donor Beds Provide Comfort to Patients in Tijuana

A hospital stay is challenging, due to the health issues being addressed. It is the intent of the medical staff to provide comfort during the difficult moments in a patient’s life. On July 8, 2013 Serving Hands International received 8 medical beds – provided by a generous donor. With such a unique gift, we at Serving Hands carefully chose one of our partners to be their recipient. It was decided that all 8 beds would be utilized and maintained well by our partner, Hospital San Francisco located in Tijuana, Mexico. When delivering the beds, Serving Hands Field Officer recalls Sister Elizabeth’s words, “The patients will see first-hand the high quality and comfort of these electronic beds!” Sister Elizabeth Ann Waldron Felix is the current hospital manager of Health Services at Hospital San Francisco. She continued to share, “The beds will go a long way in “adding to the comfort” of the patients at the hospital”. Doctor Victor Villalobos added, “This is yet another great opportunity for us to fulfill our mission of helping people who are poor and under-served in our city. We are grateful to Serving Hands International for partnering with Hospital San Francisco for the past 10 years.” The 8 medical bed donation will enhance our ability to provide excellent health services for the people of our community in Tijuana. Thanks to the generosity of a Serving Hands International Donor and A-1 Self Storage the hospital beds were provided to a wonderful organization and immediately utilized to bring comfort to patients in Tijuana.

Maximized Medical Care - 200 Served

What would you do if you needed medical assistance and did not have health insurance? Hospital Sagrado Corazon in Tijuana, Mexico partnered with Serving Hands International on June 15, 2013 to provide a medical fair that served more than 200 men, women and children. The Medical Fair services included free basic preventive health screening exams for dermatology, optometry, general fitness checkups, dentistry, gynecology, psychology, pediatrics and most impressively minor surgeries. “My mom lives in the out skirts out of town and she doesn’t have any health insurance, so I brought her here today so she could get all of the screenings she needs,” said Lucia Garcia, a daughter of a community member being served.“I think it’s a great event because it brings awareness for people about what we need to be doing to make sure we’re healthy,” shared a volunteer. For the more than 200 people who were provided medical screenings at the medical fair this year, - that's exactly what they received, assistance with education. Sister Maria Auxilio Lemus Gomez shared with Serving Hands International's Field Officer, “We thank Serving Hands International for their support to our Hospital. They have been an essential part in the service we provide to those in our community who need medical care. I'm proud to say we've been partners for the past 8 years.” Thanks to the generosity of Serving Hands International Donors and A-1 Self Storage a medical fair with maximized impact was provided to a community in Tijuana, Mexico.

We can all help

Serving Hands International newest Food Distribution partner, Samaritana Sisters was visited on May 6, 2013. Serving Hands International Field Officer recalls a simple powerful statement Sister Eva gave with regard to the epidemic of poor, “We can all help.” It is just that simple. Sisters Samaritanas has been in successful operation in Rosarito, Mexico for 20 years. The Sisters primary mission is to provide inner healing to the community. By partnering with Serving Hands Food Distribution program the sisters are now enabled to further minister to the community by providing spiritual retreats for young people, single adults and married couples. The Serving Hands Food Distribution program has also helped further expand the organization’s purpose to help less privileged communities. Thanks to the generosity of our donors and our Sponsor, A-1 Self Storage, Serving Hands Food Distribution program is making a positive impact in Rosarito today.

Volunteer Vacation

When you think of going on vacation you think of places like, Cancun Mexico, The Caribbean, Tahiti or Europe. The possibilities are endless. Not for 17 year Old Samantha “Sammi” Stotts. Sammi finished her junior year of high school in June of 2012 and instead of hanging out with friends at the mall or finding an exotic vacation retreat during her school break; Sammi caught a plane to Uganda, Africa – on a mission trip with Believer’s World Outreach. Sammi fundraised, worked and saved for her mission throughout the year. Sammi visited the “Amani Baby Cottage” in Jinja, Africa. The children in the orphanage were sent there because their families faced insurmountable challenges of poverty and diseases such as AIDS and HIV infections. Sammi shared that she did not feel like she was in a third world country until reaching the village of Kikondo after a beautiful boat ride filled with exotic plants and views through Lake Victoria. The village had homes made of sticks and mud, no clean water and people wearing torn clothes. “It was so insane to me how different these villages were.” Said Sammi. Sammi’s vacation was spent making new friends, helping to set up medical clinics seeing over 250 patients with health concerns such as Malaria, AIDS and HIV. “They have never seen what they look like because they don’t own mirrors; how crazy is that?” Sammi spent the day snapping pictures of the children and then sharing those pictures with them. “They were ecstatic; they laughed and screamed with joy.” A donation made by Serving Hands International and the owners of A-1 Self Storage to Believer’s World Outreach helped purchase medicine, clothing and supplies for the very needy children Sammi met on her trip. “It was an incredible experience and opportunity and I’m grateful that I got to experience it.” Sounds like this “vacation” was one Sammi will never forget. Participation in the mission trip was made possible thanks to the support of A1 Self Storage and generous donors like you!

Sammi with new friend in Africa