Barbara Claire Caster – A Beautiful Day, October 4, 2018

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On October 4, 2018 at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish in San Ysidro, California a beautiful Mass was held In Memoriam of Barbara Claire Caster. It was a beautiful fall day where hundreds were gathering for an annual meeting of Serving Hands International and the many partners they’ve worked with and supported throughout the year. This annual event has always been a special day for Mr. and Mrs. Caster that allowed them to interact with so many who have been helped through their efforts. This year with Mrs. Caster’s passing on August 20, 2018; this annual meeting was the perfect opportunity to celebrate her life.

Most Reverend Francisco Moreno Barron presented a beautiful Homily at the Mass in both English and Spanish so that all in attendance could share in the message which highlighted the life of Barbara Caster. From the start, the mass was special. God was surely there as was Mrs. Caster, in spirit. The wonderful sisters Hermanas Brigidas beautifully sang “When the Saints Come Marching” in as more than two dozen priests entered the church. The music during the mass and after was inspirational.
Mr. Caster was greeted by all as the service ended. Many condolences were given and stories of gratitude for Barbara Caster were shared. It was a very special day.

After the mass everyone joined in a celebratory lunch that included personal testimonials. Students and clergy shared personal stories of the impact support from Serving Hands has had in their lives. Gratitude and hope filled the room. Mr. and Mrs. Caster have always believed in the power of education. Serving Hands International has helped many students of all ages throughout the years. It is a special joy to see those works in action, impacting the lives of students as demonstrated at the lunch.
At the end of the lunch a wonderful memoriam video was shown to all in attendance, highlighting some of the sweet and joyful moments in Barbara’s life. This was the perfect conclusion to a wonderful event.

As Archbishop Francisco Moreno Barron left the church after mass on this day he presented Mr. Caster with two beautiful copies of the homily in the mass. One copy was in English and the other in Spanish. These are wonderful remembrances of the day and having them in both languages is special as an indication of the partnership between Serving Hands International and all those they serve in Mexico. It is truly special.

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