2013 SHI Essential Food Donations

By February 28, 2014Blog

A young woman with achild discovers her husband has left her. She doesn’t have money, food for her baby or a job. She finds a place to stay with friends who don’t have much and are stretched thin supporting her and her young child. Desperate for help, the young mother goes to an organization she has heard can help her. She goes to Casa de los Pobres, a Serving Hands International partner in Tijuana, Mexico. She is able to receive basic provisions of food for herself and her child. Now, having gained a sense of dignity, she volunteers to package and sort goods for other families in need. Soon, her volunteering will provide her skills that are valuable for a job…and in the meantime she is able to give back to the organization that rescued her and her child. Casa de los Pobres is one of Serving Hands International’s 43 partners’ organizations in Mexico that receives a bi-monthly essential food donation. The essential food is rice, beans, flour, sugar, oil, fresh fruit and vegetables. These groceries are a challenge to acquire for many women and hard pressed families due to strained or depleted finances. Serving Hands International was able to provide these essentials to over 45,000 people in need during 2013. The food donations provided are made possible by our sponsor A-1 Self Storage and donors like you!


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