“52” Buildings

By April 26, 2013Blog

Serving Hands International proudly announces that our Portable Building Program has successfully provided 52 portable buildings and homes to pre-approved recipients in 2012! Forty-eight buildings and homes were re-located in Tijuana, Mexico. Thirty portable buildings and eighteen homes made their way across the border to prepared destination sites and exuberant families or communities. Four portable buildings were placed at locations in the United States, three at Whispering Winds camp and one was donated to St. Gregory the Great Catholic School. The Serving Hands International 2012 portables are being used to meet a variety of needs: educational classroom for kids with special needs, mainstream education, safe and comfortable homes, chapels, an orphanage, a music room, a dormitory for seminarians, and a community center. Overall more than 19,000 people in Tijuana, Mexico and the United States were positively impacted by the portable program in 2012. Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, A-1 Self Storage, their customers and you this program has continued to grow and bless so many in need. Thank you!

Whispering Winds Camp


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