“A Cut Above the Rest”

By August 23, 2013Blog

Invested Tijuana neighbors commit their time and talents to serve those who are down and out during the economic downturn. Proyecto Salesiano, a bi-weekly food distribution partner with Serving Hands International for 14 years, has been successfully operating a Monday through Saturday 8am to 10am breakfast and haircut service for adults who are currently unemployed and in need of assistance. Margarita Andonaegui Padilla, coordinator for Proyecto Salesiano since its conception in 1999 is daily encouraged by the kindness of their volunteers stating, “They commit, they come and they make a difference.” But according to one volunteer, who requested to remain nameless, “I feel I owe them for helping me when I needed it. The center helps when other places close their doors.” As Serving Hands Field Officer Joaquin Hernandez spoke with more hair-stylist and cook volunteers it became evident that the heart of each volunteer was to encourage the person they were serving. Some have been in such a place before and recall another helping them. “The men and women who come to us are provided a healthy breakfast and if needed a haircut.” Said Father Ernesto Hernandez. “We know that self-presentation is important when looking for a job and we want them to be as successful as possible.” Thanks to the generosity of Serving Hands International donors and A-1 Self Storage Proyecto Salesiano is able to provide services a cut above the rest in Tijuana, Mexico.


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