A Roof Over Our Heads

By June 29, 2012Blog

Think back when you were in school, what did your classroom look like? It probably had 4 walls and roof. Imagine having to study in a classroom with no roof. The 2012 students of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Rosarito, Mexico do not have to imagine, this is their reality. Yet, they did not let that interfere with their studies. A surprise is waiting for the students upon their return to school from summer break; they will have a roof over their heads. Thanks to Serving Hands International, a portable classroom was donated to the school on June 18, 2012. Profe Frausto stated, “my students will not have to worry about the weather, outside noise and will have less distractions now.” The school is extremely grateful to Serving Hands International for this donation. Thanks to the support of A-1 Self Storage and generous donors like you this was made possible.

Classroom before Portable donationPortable Classroom installed!


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