Apple iPad for Project Baseco in Manila, Philippines

By June 21, 2012Blog

In March of 2012 SHI announced that our partners Missionary Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament sent their fearless leader, Sister Ana Rodriguez to start a mission in Baseco Manila, Philippines. Since March 2012, Sister Ana has been busy getting to know the community of Baseco, learning to speak Tagalog and setting up shop to aid the poorest of the poor in Baseco. Sister Ana found herself in a “pickle” when it came to setting up the internet and phone. Baseco is a rural town, which is still developing. The town is not equipped with modern technology. Sister Ana submitted a request to SHI for an Apple iPad, after review we were able to grant her request with all the trimmings! We look forward to “Face time” with Sister Ana and are happy she is able to stay connected. Congrats to Sister Ana and Project Baseco. “Thank you to all who support SHI. Without your support we would not be able to do the work we do”. “Ingat” (which means take care in Tagalog) said Sister Ana Rodriguez. “Congratulations Mission Baseco on behalf of our premier sponsor A-1 Self Storage”.

Sister Ana studying Tagalog on her new iPad


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