Last Resort, Faithful Ministers

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It’s a chilly morning, April 2013 and more than 1,000 people wait in line patiently along the wall of the pink cinder-block building owned and operated by Casa de los Pobres (House of the Poor) in Tijuana, Mexico. This is a common site, here in one of the neediest areas of Tijuana. So many people seek this line as their last resort in order to provide for themselves and their families. Each day several hundred poor Tijuana residents come to this church operated center seeking food, clothing, and medical treatment. Casa de los Pobres strives to faithfully meet each individual’s need. Those needs range from unique service such as prayer, counseling or perhaps even a bus ticket so the person in need can return safely home. Serving Hands International has been honored to work with Casa de los Pobres since 1982. Their dedication and effective manner of ministering to those in need is truly remarkable. Through Casa de los Pobres, Serving Hands has been able to provide basic needs, fresh food, clothing, blankets and shoes as well as supplies for school aged children throughout the region. When visiting Casa de los Pobres on April 2, 2013, SHI’s Field Officer was told, “We at Casa de Los Pobres are so very grateful for Serving Hands and the people who so faithfully give.” Alma Ruiz, a volunteer worker at Casa de Los Pobres, stated. “They make our service possible.” Food donations provided to Casa de Los Pobres are made possible by our sponsor A-1 Self Storage. Thanks to A-1 Self Storage and generous donors like you Casa de LosPobres and the people they serve are being ministered to today.


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