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Carita de Dios, a Center for children with special needs, received its first Serving Hands International portable building on February 1, 2012. Director Adalid Murgia Ortiz shared her passion for children with special needs with Serving Hands International’s Field Officer, Joaquin Hernandez. As a parent of a special needs child, she became painfully aware of the lack of help in her community for kids and families with special needs. In 2002 she began volunteering and working with other children with disabilities. After 5 years she was convinced this demographic was underserved in Tijuana. She was certain that the gift of her son, Genero had provided her the experience and skills to serve the special needs children in her community. Adalid founded Carita de Dios, A.C. in 2007 as a first step in reaching the special needs community. To date she and her staff serve over 50 children with disabilities that range from mild to severe. Carita de Dios offers day programs that are educational and theraputic in naturefor children with special needs. They also offer educational courses for family members who wish to know more. “My son and these children,” said Adalid, “have made me look at the world in a different way!” As of March 12, 2012 Carita de Dios has recieved 4 Serving Hands International portable buildings.

Carita de Dios inspired by Genero


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