The Big Gift

By July 5, 2012Blog

On Monday, June 18, 2012 the Sister’s Samaritanas in Rosarito, Mexico each had a shocked look on their face followed by a great big smile. The sisters could not hide their joy as they received the largest portable building ever donated by Serving Hands International “SHI”. This big gift measures 60 by 60 feet. The building will be used for spiritual retreats, religious studies & community events. In the past all such activities were held outdoors, leaving attendees exposed to the elements. Many times there were interruptions of events due to unexpected storms. “I remember once,” stated Sister Galvan, “when a storm came and everyone was running to get their belongings to a dry place.” The sisters are immensely appreciative for such a big gift. Thanks to this donation from Serving Hands International the Sister Samaritanas and the community of Rosarito, Mexico will now benefit from this portable building for years to come.Such gifting was made possible thanks to the support of A-1 Self Storage and generous donors like you.

Largest Portable building donated by SHISister's Samaritanas


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