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October 2014

No Arms, No Limits: An Orphan’s Letter of Gratitude

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To Serving Hands International,
My name is Alexander Joseph. I am seven years old. I was born with no arms. I live in Moshi. My parents died of Aids. My father was the first to die and my mother died when I was one year old. I came to live with Father Urio then. I have just received a scholarship for my schooling from you (Serving Hands International). 

I would like to say thank you so much for saving my life because education is life in Tanzania. My dream is to attend college. With your (Serving Hands International) support I am blessed to go to school. I have a home with meals, I play with other children and I have clothes to wear. None of this would be possible without your support. Thank you.”
Serving Hands International Field Officer, Joaquin Hernandez called Father Urio of the Catholic Diocese of Moshi, Tanzania to discuss Alexander’s letter. While speaking with Father Urio and gaining his permission to share Alexander’s letter with you, he was taken with the warmth of how Father described this child. With permission we share his thoughts with you.
“Alexander Joseph was very young when we brought him into our home.  Alexander has been a good child, an inspiration to us all, because he does not allow his disability to stop him. He is determined. Alexander uses his legs and toes to write. He has very good handwriting and is a stellar pupil. Alexander placed second in his class of 39 children.  I know he will go far in this world. I pray that his dream to attend college becomes reality.”
Serving Hands International began partnership with Father Urio in Moshi Tanzania in 2005.  Alexander Joseph is one of the many children we have been able to serve through this successful partnership.  Together we have helped educate over 150 orphan children, provided meals, clothes and a home to 200 children! We have also partnered in 4 micro credit projects with the Father.  We are honored to serve alongside of Father Urio and the Diocese of Moshi, Tanzania, Africa.  The impact this program has made in such a short time is tremendous. Such an impact has been made possible by our sponsor A-1 Self Storage and donors like you. Thank you!

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